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How it works - What is Shiroube?

Shiroube is a Japanese word meaning “to be a guide"(Pronounced Shi-ru-bé). Welcome to Shiroube, the world's largest marketplace for travelers and guides.

Here, you can find your local destination guide, and locals can advertise to be a guide for travelers! Have you ever imagined that your travel could be filled with unexpected scenes, encounters and experiences, like in the movies? Are you fed up with carefully coordinated guided tours? Are you just following guide books? Shiroube aims to help travelers have superior rather than ordinary travel experiences.

The site has features to assist people in finding the best travel guide, with no frills. This is the marketplace that offers a service where travelers and locals can make deals in guiding.

For Travelers

Shiroube helps travelers find local guides to suit their travel style and purpose in any destination. Travel guides from Shiroube are local people, and the cost of a guide could be cheaper than you think!

Just explore the guides on the home of the site and choose one depending on your destination and travel interests. You'll see your search results containing ads for the guides. Then you can send emails to the guides through Shiroube to make deals. Once you have discussed your preferences with them and agreed the terms and conditions, you can look forward to your travel and will be eager to be on-board.

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For Locals

You know your neighborhoods, right? Have you ever wondered why people want to visit them? Your local school, small but cozy restaurants, your friends' grocery shops - all these are what experienced travelers want to come and see. Show them your neighborhoods and earn a little bit extra by being a guide!

If you would like to be a local guide, go to the home page and click on Place Ad You will be asked a couple of questions to allow you to create your account. Once created, you can post your free ad - you can post up to three ads. You need to determine your expertise, for example if you are a local history expert, an adventure guide, a surfing partner, just want to be a drinking buddy, and so on.

You will then wait for the travelers to contact you through Shiroube. You need to ask the travelers to agree to the terms and conditions, such as cost, souvenirs, language exchange and so on. Then you just have to wait for the travelers to arrive in your neighborhood!

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