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Introducing Rome


Rome. Italy's inspiring capital, where the ancient and the modern meet and merge seamlessly.

Nothing can compete with Rome's beauty, except perhaps for the city's bustle and vibrancy. With so much to do in the city, Rome will never leave you bored. A complete tour of the city would take weeks, but if you don't have that long to spare, you can easily spend a fantastic few days there. The city is filled with magnificent renaissance buildings, from St.Peter's Basilica to the Trevi Fountain. If you feel like something a bit older, Rome's ancient wonders, the Colosseum and the Pantheon are well worth seeing. Catholic and non-Catholic visitors alike will love a trip to Vatican City, the magnificent seat of power of the catholic church.

The local people of Rome make the city what it is, filled with speed and cheer. The over the top enthusiasm of many of Rome's inhabitants may nearly bowl you off your feet, but letting yourself be swept up in it will make your stay in Rome all the more pleasurable. Despite the bustling busyness of Rome, it's not a city that feels rushed or hasty. Rome is not like New York or Tokyo. Rome is quick, yet relaxed. You can join the loud animated crowds in the streets, yet feel as chill as if you were strolling through a meadow, simply letting the crowd be your guide. There are also plenty of ways to slow down in Rome. Take a break with an espresso or a gelato at one of Rome's lovely open air cafes, or sit down for a delicious two hour lunch of local pasta and wine. Or if you just can't get enough excitement, join in a wild Italian party at one of Rome's bars or clubs. The atmosphere of Rome is unbeatable, and it will not disappoint any tourist who is willing to let themselves go and enjoy it.

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